Backseat Driver

Wed, 03/06/2019 - 19:45 -- Keewie

You say I’m letting my health take the back seat

If you'd look closer you would see it’s not there

Search a little longer and you’d find a locked trunk

Inside holds my health, academics, friendships

My mind seems to have slipped its way out along the way


I am asleep in the front seat

The steering wheel leaning dangerously to the left

Oncoming traffic closing in

You wonder what dream could be holding me in this state

What is so important that I don't wake up

Regain control

F you asked i would lie

Dreaming of the future

Dreaming of success

But the truth is

I'm not dreaming anymore

I can't

But the thought of being awake is painful

And i would rather sleep dreamless forever

Rather than face what's really happening

So i let the car run

Try and catch me

I'm heading 90 mph right for a wall


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