The Basics


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Your thoughts should
not be clouded, nor
you be blind to their
flaws; you should be
at your most rational
when considering them
and it is those flaws that
were already considered
before anything was done
to appeal to them
those flaws were deemed tolerable.

A future with them should
be achieveable, not just imaginable.
Any issues with commitment felt by
anyone can usually be traced back
to a combined fear of rejection and
of catastrophe
(making a big mistake).

If you have the free time to
discuss a future together
and it fits the criteria mentioned above,
you stand a chance.

Your relationship should
be built on a foundation of
trust, support, and affection:


Be open with them,
tell them anything
and expect them to listen:
never lie to them.
If either of you do not do this
then there has been an issue
of trust and this must be resolved.


If they do not listen
or mock you for your
troubles or your triumphs,
they do not feel for you
what you think you feel for them
(odds are, you really don’t feel
what you think you do for them).


Affection; a caress: not lustful grope.
That is to say that every intimate
moment of physical affection
(regardless of what this action may actually be)
is to be done with the utmost respect for one-another.
If one says “no,” then the other is to comply
(and likewise for the other).

This is the basic
foundation for a



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