I write to get away
And feel better
And find myself in another world
And when I think back to people who taught me to read
Writing not too unlike my own
I wonder why they conformed the way they did
To the way they were told to teach
Because what they tell you
Means nothing.
Writing is not always about why the curtains are blue
Sometimes the curtains are blue
because the pen is blue.
Or because I goddamn felt like making them blue, alright?
I write to let myself know that I don’t always need to keep
About everyone in my life
And what I feel about them
All bottled in my head. There’s enough up there,
What with school
And family
And work,
I simply haven’t got the room for extra stuff.
So writing is calming
Whatever to you want to call it.
I write because people don’t always have the words that help
But the page always listens
The page has nothing to say
The page accepts you for who
And how you are
No matter how screwy or neurotic or incredibly normal you happen to be.
The page lets you just be.
And in a world like this
Where anything can happen, any day
For any random reason
The page is there, to let you be. To get away from the world, and let you just


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