The Beatles Had It Right

Love makes me who I am
It's the human condition
Worth far more than gold
Or the most extravegant acquisition

A twinkle in your eye
Or a hand to hold
Is the most beautiful story
That's ever been told

Without love there is no will
No reason to live
No passions to nurture
No hope to give

It's a warmth in your heart
A reason to get out of bed
God's work of art
A ringing in your head

A photo could send you down memory lane
A kiss could make you fly
A gentle touch could ease the pain
A child's laughter could make you cry

How endearing it is
To have a gift shared by all
That transcends every adversity
Big or small

A world without love
How morose, how gloomy
How doleful and drab
How snappish and broody

We all need a dose
In one form or another
Of what we receive from a lover
Or perhaps a brother

The delight that you feel
When you make something new
You thought love was just intimacy?
Pride is love, too

The fire, the burning
The grit, the drive
The one thing we all need
Just to get by

Without love, it's true
You may be alive
But just going through the motions
Dead on the inside

Without love there is no light
You'll always be in the dark
Dreams will be finite
The emptiness stark

A life without love
I simply couldn't live it
It is all that I need
The best gift I've been given



Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

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