A Beautiful One

A beautiful one,
One who shines brighter than the sun.
One who has experienced pain and smiled in the midst,
One who doesn't quit and stands to persist.
One who holds humility in his heart,
Sees life as a peace of art.
One who believes they can excell in life,
One who can ask for God's wisdom in strife.
One who see's life deeper than it is,
One who makes memories, something they cannot miss.
One who strives in life with a purpose in plan,
One who knows they are stronger than normal man.
One who sees God as more than worthy,
One who worships God showing He's more than worthy.
A beautiful person is one who has been through pain, but still keeps his happiness,
One who knows God can lead him out of stress.
One who walks in victory,
One that plans to be part of his-story.
A beautiful person is not judged by their appearance,
But seen for their clear perseverance.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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