Beautiful Stranger

New to my home town, left at eight months

but now returned after many years

love surrounding and mingling with my many peers

while others drink beers I drink water, juice, soda

plus a shot or two, a drip of wine or two


Just a conscience drinker, my views vivid cause I'm a thinker

At the christmas fair, is where I saw her

exquisite hair, chocolate complexion and soft lips

drapped in her aura, her sumptuous smile and presence

gets up walks across with essance, then sitted adjacent to freinds


On shift, so hoping she comes for a drink

dressed in a stripped pink and white shirt with black jeans

with a jacket wrapped around her waist, rather be my hands though

just a food for thought though, started thinking so slow

need to cut off of suspension, of my admiration thats so potent

might look for pick up lines with heavy content


block my mind from thoughts so imminent

how you doing?, whats your name?, whats your number?, what you doing?

But as a newbie, I stick to the task and let my view last

will I see her again?

I dont know but

do hope so









This poem is about: 
My community


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