You say you get beauty, but do you know what it means?
The thousands of lies coming from the big screens and magazines?
Beauty is on the outside they say…
So you cake on the makeup trying to get through the day.
You reapply twice , thinking “Is that Zit getting bigger??”,
Hoping one day your skin will be clearer.

Models in Vogue seem to keep getting thinner,
Yet you go to the gym, work out, and feel much bigger.
You try and you try but you start to give up,
Thinking to yourself, “you’ll never be thin enough”.

Dress to Impress you’ve got to kill them with looks,
But buying all this junk just freaks out your checkbook.
The shorter the dress, the more boys that will stare…
Are you sure they can’t see your underwear?
Immodest is hottest and flaunt what you’ve got,
And hope they don’t judge you and just blend into the melting pot.

At the end of the day, when the makeup goes away,
And the clothes come off and your mind is lost…
Do you still feel beautiful?
Do you have any joy?
Or do you feel hollow like an old plastic toy?

1 Peter 3:3 is all that you need.
Beauty within will always win,
And a beautiful heart is where you need to start.
For God’s love and compassion grants you so much satisfaction,
Whereas media’s thoughts rarely care about hearts.

God created you perfect and He finds you totally worth it.
Makeup or not, He’s proud of what you’ve got,
Which is the beauty inside, which you should never hide.
So disregard media and turn to your Father,
And keep shining out His love to one-another.
Just remember one thing,
You’re beautiful to Him,
So how could that not be a big enough win?


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