Beauty is...

It hurts to see how appearances deceive 
And manipulate what a person perceives 
Needles in the thighs and the bodily construction of lies
Breasts twice the average size and lighter skin color that diminishes keeping hope alive
Tummy tucks for women that feel like their bodies suck
Trying to make face value more unnatural 
Allowing nose jobs to be the new trend for young girls to follow
And for lip enlargement to become the reason society can’t swallow 
The perfectionism of everyday commercials advertising how a woman should look
When in reality a man wonders why it takes a woman hours to simply get ready for an event
In the mirror there is a crack in the glass that can potentially be bent
So the time spent will never be enough when women feel as though plastic is the new addition to having healthier stuff
Anytime a woman feels like surgery will fix the problems going on internally 
We have a lot to do with the help that is needed
Instead of demonizing women for how they see themselves 
Uplift them because it is society’s strain on them mentally 
That is forcing them to feel like there is suppose to be perfectionism about them physically 
Those stretch marks are only battle scars from when people told her they were cracks in the concrete idea of model physique. 
Women aren’t weak because of the way you define beautiful 
Beautiful is clean, flawed, and can not be built with machines or tubes. 

Beautiful is what is within...

Being comfortable in your own skin

This poem is about: 
Our world