The Beauty of Confidence


Who am I?

Come take a look through my all seeing eye.

Realize that I am a young, beautiful human being,

Who just began seeing,

How cruel this world can be.

Now to understand what makes me,

And take a glance at the pain,

That for 18 years I have sustained.

Through break ups and make ups.

My heart through a ring of fire it had to hop.

Being put down, shoved aside, I was hated,

Teased and humiliated.

Pushed close to having my wrists gushing and aching,

My self-esteem they were breaking.

Constant hell and suicidal thoughts.

Until the day that God brought, 

My Iron Vanguard.

Friends and family that made my life not so hard,

They filled it with courage and pride.

Now I can forget all the times I cried,

And show people the beauty in my heart,

Because I no longer will be allowed to be torn apart.



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