Beauty is Strength



She’s too fat.

She’s too thin.

What is that?

Look at her, she thinks she’s pretty?

You need to change your hair.

You need to be smaller.

You need to be taller.

People always telling you how you should be.

What you should do.

How you shouldn’t



How you should be the mold of what we define as “beauty”.

But what is beauty?

There is no real definition.

Beauty is not what you see on the outside.

Beauty is not the mask we put on

to hide

who we really are.

In the world we can feel inferior

to those around us

and people who tell us

that we shouldn’t be us

that we should look different.

Well you know what?

No one can tell me how I should look.

I am not some book

that you can rewrite


what I want to be.

And because of that I am flawless.

I have built a thick skin

because my beauty comes from within.

I have found my beauty.

My beauty is from my strength

And not the length

of my legs

or the size

of my waist.

If nobody can see what I see

If I am the only one,

there is no strength

and there is no beauty.

Because beauty comes from strength,

the strength

to look past opinion,

past what others think

you should look like.

Don’t let them tear you down.

Because while beauty may fade away

Strength is here to stay.


This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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