Because I Love You

Fri, 10/13/2017 - 15:40 -- Frias30

Because he “loved” me, 

I let him put his hands on me and  

Throw me against the concrete wall. 

Because he “loved” me 

I let him call me worthless and useless 

And let my mind slowly believe his cruel words 

That were laced with venom. 

But only because he “loved” me. 

Because he “loved” me 

I let him imprint my canvas with cuts and bruises 

In the shape of finger prints and punches.  

Because he “loved” me. 

I let myself follow his every command and every word. 

Shamelessly letting him depict every move I made. 

Every word I spoke. 

Because I thought he “loved” me. 

Because “I love you” 

I gathered all my things and headed towards better. 

Because “I love you” 

I departed from a man who tried so hard to love me, but 

Who never knew how to love himself. 

Because “I love you” 

I let myself look in the mirror and say the courageous “you’re beautiful”, forcing myself to finally believe the two words that he stripped from me. 

Because I Love Me.  

I let go of another man’s burden and focused on  

What truly matters. Myself. My health. And My Happiness.  

Because I Love Me  

I learned to love a man who I would later let put 

His hands on me, 

but instead of holding me recklessly 

he holds me like a precious Gem. 

His Eyes filled with worry,  

afraid to let go. 

Because I Love Me. 

I found the love that I now believe I deserve.  

A love that shows my worth 

Because I Love Me. 


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