Thu, 10/12/2017 - 19:12 -- Oeaspen

Every flower has a fault Every lover has some doubt With you I see the flaws straight throughBecause I love you, I see just you  Fights aren’t absent, but aren’t too muchFor every love sometimes hits the dust Distance is daring but shows us trustBecause I love you, I believe in us Gentle hands and compassionate touchThese are gestures that define us Love is a language of its own Because I love you, mine has grown Showing each other that we care Sacrifices, we both bare  Never a loss too great for me  Because I love you, I will not leave We are one, a life is what we shareBecause you love me, you tell me you care You see my flaws and know them tooBecause you love me, you look straight through Not better alone but by your sideNo matter the struggle, from me you wont hide Strength is with you, in body and in mind Because you love me, you’ll use it to be kind  A lover and best friend to be with until the endWe have each other through every bend Because I love you, I show you its trueBecause you love me, you show it too     

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