Beckoning Me

I see a forest, tall trees with a plethora of green,

An enchanting white mist surrounding the trunks,

A clear pathway cut through the middle.

The forest seems to be inviting, to be calling me,

Beckoning me to venture through.

I approach and begin to hear the forest hum,

Humming her secrets and stories

And filling my head with haunting images of love and betrayal

Through the harmonies of her song.

I feel shivers go down my spine, despite not feeling cold.

The humming becomes more and more persistent,

More and more upset, more and more intriguing

As I continue on the pathway through the forest,

The white mist dispersing, making the path more clear

The farther I continue.

The forest continues beckoning me to go deeper,

Beckoning me to listen to her story,

To be the one one to comfort her, to bring her peace.

The images she’s placed in my mind grow more and more upsetting.

My eyes begin to well with tears,

I realize I can’t be the one to comfort her,

I can’t be the one to bring her peace.

She realizes this too.

Her humming grows softer, sadder still,

As the mist leads me to the end of the forest,

Back to where I started.

I listen to the last few notes of her story,

I listen to her goodbye, and exit the forest.

I make the mistake of looking back,

The mist has vanished, the beckoning seems like a warning now,

The once green tops have been replaced with dead branches

And a smell of burning wood in the air.


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