Bee Poem

Fri, 01/17/2020 - 16:13 -- mschil

My brain is full 

Like a bee buzzing

He has made its home within my thoughts 

Sometimes his presence is overwhelming 

The flapping of his tiny wings fills ever cavern and cranny of my mind 

His shallow breathes echo in my subconscious 

I feel like he’s watching me 

Watching my life 

Seeing the world through my eyes 

This little bee is my companion in the crazy world I call home 

He’s ever-present 

When he sleeps, I finally find peace 

But I miss the sound of his flapping wings and shallow breathes, 

The buzzing that is the soundtrack of my life 

I wish I could meet my bee 

Look him in the eye 

Ask him what he thinks of my life 

What he would do differently 

How I’ve done well 

What he thinks of who I am and where I’ve been. 

It’s strange to have this presence 

It’s lonely in a way 

Because I know that even though I love this little bee, 

He doesn’t exist 

And he never will 

For the truth of the world is that there is no ever-present bee 

The world is made for each to tackle on his or her own 

It is made to challenge us 

It can destroy us 

But it is our opportunity to create our stories. 

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