Tue, 01/26/2016 - 13:35 -- DJM089

Everything I’ve done must be a joke to you. It has to be. That can be the only reason why you don’t trust in me. You always gloat about how you have helped me and just want the best for me. For once try being honest. You don’t believe in me and you never did its all just a game to you and I guess you win. Spending your days throughout telling me what I must do and I shouldn’t. And in my head all I want to scream is your opinion is irrelevant. I don’t care what you think you have done, you’ve done nothing. Studying for SATs that was all me, getting my grades that was all me and acceptance…….. Yet, you sit here, in your high castle, glancing down. Pretending and gloating about your “precious” child………ha how convenient……how interesting that you take all the glory while I the shade. How interesting that you tell all the stories while I fade…..into the background…….where you left. I hope it was worth your precious story. I know much fun it must be……to be in charge and yet you deserve little credit. Enlisting family to help with your deeds. How is it ? What’s it like to pretend to be a father ? Because now you have a daughter who hates you and can’t relate to you. How does it feel? To know you worked so hard for something but ended up breaking the connection? You wonder why we close the door and isolate ourselves. That’s because we want nothing to do with you. You wonder why no one eats dinner at the table anymore, well who would we talk to ? You’re a surrogate who only wishes go play the role. And although I’ve taken toll in playing. I won’t anymore. This is it for me I won’t pretend to be happy and I won’t pretend to like you. But you could careless all that matters is your stories. Ones of how obedient and sweet we are . Ones of how you made us this way and lead us to be here like the northern star. Your ignorant. But I guess that’s just another story you store up your closet. The only difference is this one will never be read to your audience.

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