Behind Closed Doors.

She hides her face in shame

like a little girl hiding behind

her mommies leg to protect herself
from the stranger

She doesn't want nobody to see

her dark chocolate skin that she has been blessed with
that somehow did not match the princesses
she saw on t.v
she noticed how perfectly beautiful
they looked with angel skin as white
as snow
and above their heads was a crown
that represented royalty and perfection

She would look in the mirror
and see big brown eyes
large nose
and dark curly hair
nothing compared to the princesses
she saw on T.V
realizing that there was no crown on her head

She would count her flaws and eventually started crying herself to sleep
later in time
she stopped believing her mommy
when she called her beautiful
she didn't understand that
God is the grand artist
and she was his canvas
giving her black skin to remind her
of her ancestors and how
far they came to be
as she grew the only beauty she begun to see
were those curves that sprouted out of her body
looking like a precious pear
with big thighs and hips

Now that she is a teen
her dream is to be like one of those girls
from Americas Next Top Model
showing off there size 0 body
and getting the attention of everybody
she loves what she sees in them
as that becomes what she desires

She wants to be remembered as someone
who is beautiful by becoming
society's slave
looking up to a false images of what a women should be
changing her hair blonde and
buying crystal blue contacts

Now beginning to buy clothes
that expose too much of her body
rocking those little tight shorts
trying to get the attention of somebody
by now she has lost all her identity
and self respect
came to a point where she does not even know who she is
lost in her fairy tail dream

She is now 15
with no self control of her own body
she gives it up to any guy that
calls hers beautiful just to dominate her body

Poor girl started seeing changes
in her body
loosing weight rapidly when
she was not even on a diet
her strength started getting weaker
and weaker so she decided to go to the doctors

Little did she know
she was now infected with HIV
from that day
she started thinking differently
it took her 10 years to realize that
imperfection was beauty
She now understood that
God is the grand artist
and she was his canvas
realizing that all the people that called
her ugly were like pennies
two faced and almost worthless
but there is nothing more she could do
because her life now is hopeless


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