Being a poet

Talking, laughing, crying, shouting, winning, smiling, giggling, screaming

and more are expressions we put as humans, as people, as a civilzation,

we communicate and express,

she said he said, 

Speakers, announcers, poets and readers

They are the ones who think and respond

they are the ones who give a shout and stand up amoung the millions we are

they are the salmon swimming aganist the stream letting the world know who they are

and we value that 

we listen that 

we publish that 

we share that 

we give our own ideas about that 

we critize that 

we accept that 

we reject that

we store that 

we learn from that 

we create or destroy that

Poets are musicans, teachers, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers

inspirers, builders, chefs, listeners, authors, idealist, inventors

They are the kind who can be anyone but still be called a poet.

like musicans they play with words in a sweet song 

like a teacher who hides a lesson or experince in their words

they share their views and feelings willing to connect with another out there.

Another person another mind another soul another life

Someone out there is a poet too.

Poets oh how we decribe them as repeating rhyming writers who make no sense in their words or sayings.

Yes they can make no sense to those who do not understand

It is a foriegn language, a code only visable to those who learn it and speak it soon themselves

Its a secret hidden but ready to be learned by anyone who will take the time and care to do so. 

Once the secret is out it flies

it spreads 

it changes 

I look up to all this and what I think poets and poetry is really. 

Everyone has their own view and looks

like there is only one you. 

and this is why poets and poetry are really something 

and special to those who care 

Plus anyone can be a poet too

all to do is to learn the secret and share it 

soon you'll be a poet too.

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