Best friend

Hot fifth grade memories.

Six grade, best friends since the first day.

Met you and thought you were ‘kool’ because,

of the name you shared with the other girl.

We never thought a game of tag

would be a memory never forgotten as it gets re-told.

Re-told because it was a day as bright like a flame in the dead of winter.

Bright happy day like when someone finds out they’re

cancer is cleared, but not you.

You waited 2 God forsaken years,to say it. When I’m going through the worst.

You waited but we got over the wall and then we fell like

humpty dumpty again, this time for a different reason.

We fell over the bridge because we wanted to nice and not hurt one another.

We fell when you met the girl, the one who was Bi like you.

Who became the focus of your pain and yet your other best friend.

The one who gave you more and talked more but who could never love you more than I.

The one who was better than me, who was taking my place,

who took my place.

You said she annoying like a little brother, but yet you kept her like a pet.

I forgave you.

I intertwined my smallest finger with yours in a promise.

A promise I don’t know I’ll be able to keep,

because hurting her as much as she hurt you would be

sweeter than the sweetest donut.

But I love you and for that I keep what shouldn’t be promise,

but I will keep it for you.

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