Best Left Unspoken

Oh, how I envy the ways of courtship In old Victoriana.

Its mannerisms. Its motions. Its subtlety.

The messages, hidden in plain sight

With simple gestures and sleight of hand, so much could be said,

But not always understood. 

The secrets revealed in arrangement

Its thoughtfulness and communication. 

For you, a simple arrangement

Revealing my innermost thoughts.

Perhaps in a vase, or bouquet,

With a grouping of flora,

Exposing the depths of my soul.

My sentiments,

Expressed with a bit of this and that.

Walnut, Ancotium

Perhaps a bit of striped tulip.


Then some amthyst,

Accompanied with lion's tail. 

Rosebay, Maidenhair,

And a yellow tulip,

All secured with an Aurora red ribbon,

Accompanied by some bittersweet.

The contents of it's message may never reach you,

But some things

Are best left unspoken.


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