Better Future

Tue, 04/09/2013 - 17:33 -- Giggles

You laugh I frown; I set and wonder when you’ll understand.
Why deport if were just here to work.
You don’t know what it’s like to see people die from hunger and thirst or hear babies cry as they die.

Would you sacrifice your life and your families too, for a better way of living? I know they all had hope to make it to the other side, that’s to bad not all survive.

Days we had no food, water at times would be dirty and brown, walking from mornings to nights, hid behind bushes and trees, jumped over fences and for the little ones got thrown over.

You can look at me but you won’t see a thing not even my past that I hold so tight, not even if you looked in my eyes, I throw you all a kite and it says do what’s right. People might think it’s as easy as just walking right threw but there wrong, it takes more then just guts and courage.

You never know who you might loose or who won’t make it cuz they’ve been caught or even shot. Some don’t make it cuz they’ve decide to stay behind and that just makes me feel like they were blind cuz they probably would have survived if they had at least tried.

Lost two people one uncles and a little cousin, little cousin went missing while she decided to not listen never heard from her since and her body was never found and if she’s still alive I hope she’s soon to be found.

My uncle past away while we were going threw the desert my momma told me his body just gave up on him and ill always thank him for giving up his water to his little niece that had no idea it’d cost his life.

My mom held my hand tight as we walked away from his side I wont ever forget him or the tears in my mothers eyes.
All for the better future, that my moms’ tried to give me.

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