Beyond Belief

Dear brothers, A and Z,

You were both so young with adorable smiles,

So many hospitals all over the country for miles,

You were only babies so precious and small,

Both with liver transplants and severe complicated complications to recall,

Both passed into the angelic realm,

I never met either of you,

Both of you have touched my life beyond belief,

Your struggles have helped me endure my own leaf,

I feel as though you, A, are my guardian angel,

When I was at that house down south, later at worship, a victim of abuse,

You were there, along with the rest of the angelic realm

when I was scarred with that deep bruise,

Diagnosed with a syndrome so blue,

Endured a massive spinal fusion for the s-curve,

Brothers, A and Z,

I drew a picture for both of you and kept it in my folder to cool my nerves,

I laid in the hospital with low hopes and much needed healing,

Thank you, my brothers, A and Z,

Even though I never met either of you,

Both of you touched my life beyond belief,

My heart has forever been comforted.



This poem is about: 
My family
My community
Our world
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