the big c


United States
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i have childern
i love them so much
ill do anything for them
give them my life
but now my body is tainted
tainted with disese
that damn cancer
its taking my life
draining me completly
im sick of all the chemo
my hair
once bright and full
is now on the pillow when i get out the hosptial bed
needles poking me
everywhich way
and... it hurts
hurts so much
all the vomiting
the pain
the pain of seeing my familys face
pitying me
wishing that they can take this sickness
\but they cant
the best they can do is pay the bills
and stand there at my bed side
saying how much they love me
....its uncurable the doctor said
but ...
i dont want this
i want to live....
to see my babies grow and learn about life
i want to renew my vowles
to visit miami for vaction
but no im bed redden
i have to say here and die
...doctors orders.....



cancer is a real bitch

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