The Biggest Mistake that I Made

Hey My “Best Friend,”


I just wanted to check up in you, because I haven’t done so in a while…

I guess, I’m really trying to say is that I miss having you around in my life.

I miss, our cinnamon sugar talks when life treated us spicy yet sweet.

I miss, our hugs we gave that would cradle us during a thunderstorm.  

I miss, the lyrics of your laughter because it’s the last reminder of you,

Since we last saw each other on our high school graduation day.


You were a missing key in my life that opened secret doors in my heart.

You were the person that taught me that trust was our unwritten contract,

Communication was our of surviving through our battles,

And the pure substance of love was the cement that bonded us together.

But, I wish I told you sooner of how much you really meant to me.

And it was sad that I never realized it until the ending of senior year.


It wasn’t until that day in Calculus where I learned to apply math to life.

That was finding the Instantaneous heart rate when we gave each other a hug,

Integrating the total of how many times I smiled since you walked in,

Working away all the solutions for our everyday problems and drama.

But like always, I made the most important error in my calculations,

That was always forgetting to add “U” onto both sides of the equation.


I can never say that mathematics was always an easy subject to apply,

But it was harder to say that “I love you” or “I like you” in any language.

I was never naïve enough to believe our friendship would go without a pause.

We had our own individual childhood imaginations that had separate locations.

My dream took me close to raging waterfalls and an erupting volcano,

While your dreams guided you right to the place we were both raised.


In our future, I hope that our lives end up like a Romance movie where,

I was your best friend that hid his feelings away in the most secure safe,

You and I both Reconnect sometime after our time in College is finished,

There is some sort of conflict that then tries to separate us again,

But, only love could allow both of us to never be separated again,

And when that day comes, I hope that my heart will finally be able to speak.


Sincerely, Your Best Friend

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