I’m not mad.  I not even glad.

My life is sometimes crap.  Or maybe I forgot to take a nap.

I’m not insane.  Don’t bother cuffing me in chains.

What I hide inside, you might see a demon in my eyes.

Don’t piss me off and laugh at me with a scoff.

I don’t need a chill pill controller.  I just might be bipolar.

I can bring the heat, if you can’t handle it.

Don’t pretend that you can cause’ that’s bullshit.

My anger is hotter than fire.  And you know that I hate stupid liars.

You think you can cool me down.  Well, you better fix my lil’ frown.

 My body can’t decide.  There’s someone controlling my mind.

I can’t go any further.  I might as well be bipolar.

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