Black Beauty . . .Naturally


Hernando, MS
1566 Mcingvale Rd.
United States
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Take away the B.B. cream
Wooden eye brush and chemical buttered lipstick
And manufactured eyelashes,
You have the foundation of a natural beauty.

Arched careful and defined eyebrows the Lord fully gave to me
No beautician or waxer could create
Or hand draw freely.

While etched into my dark chocolate skin
Full cheekbones and a nose of my father’s nature is
And eyes as fierce as fire and eyelashes full like feathers
That are perfectly bound together.

Below the characteristics that paint my soul
Are lips full, juicy, and bold.

Without lipstick, they are still plump and intensified
Not even Maybelline or L’Oreal could top that definition.

Corners pulled to where the shape would a perfect pout
And men have not disagreed with any doubt.
Not forgetting ears because they allow accessory to dangle
But without them every word goes in
And comes out defined entangled. . . . with knowledge.

Upon my face, my locks of glory fall past my shoulders, dark and black.
Smooth and thick it caresses my shoulders
And questions the mirror....
Is it the eye of the beholder?

Before a flash from a camera is taken
My teeth already had that ability
And Colgate wrote my molars into their best smile history.

When put all together
You have an African Goddess purely from the sky of heaven
And birthed from a mother’s womb that no man-made products can assume…
Were falsely created.

No lipstick, foundation, and eyelashes applied
No contacts or toothpaste brighten prescribed
No filter No glam
Just natural flawlessness….
Truly an authentic black beauty.

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