Black Butterfly

Wed, 10/21/2015 - 01:31 -- Jazza

Who am I?

What can I be?

Can I achieve my dreams that transcend the clouds in the sky?

Or does this white supremacist society dictate who is me?

Always gonna be walls to break down no matter how hard I try

Back in the days for some reason being called black felt like an insult, I'd proceed to explain my diverse family tree

When I realized I was programmed to subconciously hate myself, I cried on the inside

Those boxes on the census are only created to distort the mind

To further dehumanize, and blind those who can truly see

That where you're from and your amount of melanin don't make you a different kind

Being Caribbean and closely descending from the motherland is truly a beauty

I'm so proud of it now, I know it's out of fear that they try to place us in these binds

Despite these times, being made into hashtags almost everyday, we still persevere to live life, turn up & party

Make the impossible possible, we overcome the systems and the isms with our grind

I learned some Patois, on the islands it's "y pree" instead of "wassup b"

Had to go back to the future to learn the history I wasn't taught like Marty McFly

If you only learn in school, you'll end up ignorant regardless of the A-B-Cs

In reality, white supremacy is a really shit show on SciFy

But this bullshit's eventually gon get cancelled, cause the truth is something you can't flee

So here I am, with my mind now free

A lost biracial boy that grew into a black man that can fly

And I'll succeed, no matter how hard they'll try to pimp a butterfly

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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