This Black Girl

The sky was still, the moon was shining.

Suddenly there was a loud cry of  joy and  jubilation,

And on the other side, there was a cry of a baby.

A girl child is born, the sky was her limit

She ran around naked playing in the sand like nothing can stop her.

Suddenly she started hearing,

Baby you can’t go there, you can’t do this.

Why mama ? I asked,

Because you are a black girl.

Suddenly black girl became my identity,

Everywhere I went this black girl shouldn’t do this,

This black girl shouldn’t do that.

You know I am not just this black girl,

Am more than just this black girl;

This black girl has gone through many things you have never imagined,

Through many things you’ve never dreamed of .

You have put this black girl into a lion’s den

But she came out stronger.

You separated my family and annihilated me in the society,

But I still stood tall, taller and stronger than an ( iroko tree).

That wasn’t enough you made my skin a laughing stock,

And a waste to be disposed,

I was of no value.

Thinking that when you took away everything

From me, I was going to fail,

As if this skin was going to keep me down from shining.

But you know, this skin gives me strength, and is the reason I fight

And the reason history remembers me today.

Cause I am Whitney Houston,

whenever I sing,

People look to see who has that voice,

The greatest voice the world has ever heard,

Yeah I have the greatest voice ever.

I am Lisa Deshaun Leslie,

I am one of the greatest women's basketball player,

With a three-time WNBA MVP and a fourth-time Olympic Gold medal winner.

I am Oprah Winfrey, the richest woman in the United States as of 2014/2015.

I am the great Harriet Tubman,

the woman who single handedly made an underground Railroad to free my people you enslave.

I am Chisholm,

the first woman to run for president.

I am Hattie MCDaniel,

The first black woman to be on the radio.

I am Maya Angelou,

I am Rosa Parks,

I stood up for the right of my people when you threw it away,

Without any fear.

Or is it Serena Williams,

The best female tennis player in the United States,

Or Bessie Smith, Beyonce, Alicia Keys,

Arnette Elliott, Janet Jackson, Robin Roberts,

Raven-Symone, Monique Coleman.

And most importantly,

I am Michelle Obama,

The first black woman to become the first lady of the United States of America.

See there are many of us,

no matter how many times you put us down,

We stand tall, taller than you ever expected.

My skin color is not a barrier to me,

It is the reason I strive, and stand against you,

It is the song I sing, My voice, the story I will tell my kids,

And my victory.

So don’t just define me as THIS BLACK GIRL,

Cause I am more than you would ever know.




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Our world
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