The Black Heart

Mon, 07/15/2013 - 22:55 -- movmtns


On a quest to find the extraordinary Alice. He roams through the dark forest with evil intent. His very existense is fed by grim malice.To stop at nothing to find her is his black heart's true content. In his hand lies a small box. Awaiting the arrival of Alice's dear heart. Most would say his lack of compassion was rather unorthodox. For her love for another had torn them apart. His black heart burned with murderous desire. Alas he discovered a small gloomy town. Hateful darkness had consumed the last of his humanity like a fire. For in this dark night existed no sound. "Come out dear Alice, wherever you may be. Death shall come before you wake. I will climb through your window where no one else will see. I shall steal your heart, and leave the Lord your soul to take." He finally arrived at her house in the lonesome night. Not caring for a single soul as evil as it may seem. There he saw a dark room only lit by candlelight. The extraordinary Alice awoke realizing that it was only a dream.                                  


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