Black History


United States
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It's time to stop restricting those/ and unchain the chains around your cranium it's/ been locked inside that mental cage.../ bird sings if you let it/ get some lessons/but schools won't teach it to do so/necessarily/ true so, true say/ aaaahh/ open your vocal folds enough to belt out/ the belches of hate from all that bile/collecting inside you for so long/didnt even know it was restricting your powell/i'm sorry i meant power/colon...oscopy/ oscars see/ Cuz I see dead people/ And I see red people/and straight, white dread people/ lock the "ignorance is bliss" shed people/ whose egos let their pride stay in bed people/ confused in the head people?/ I think i am too/ cuz this is not a black vs. white matter/ but a white vs. white vs. black vs brown vs./ Team light skin/ instead of team strong and team might/ we fight it/ cuz ignorance is but a victory, right?/ it's a prize to not know, and be ok/ with the flow of the river/ filled with the abandonded cries of the ancestors/ couldn't carry on/ but when strength was detested/ they tested the mess of it/ for us to untangle the promises of/ the never ending web we weave/ but is the message what we received/ or is it the understanding of evil hatred/ is it keeping us.... here?


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