Black is NOT what I am


United States
36° 46' 12.9936" N, 119° 57' 3.3336" W

When people look at me I know what they see
what's on the tip of their tongue, what the think of me
"Man she is dark, she is darker than me. Black, black, negro is who she be"!
Just because I am not your shade or your color doesn’t make me dark or black or any other.
I'm not black that’s not me at all, look my color, look at my face look at each and every shade of my race.
We are a sea of a colorful community
We're walnut brown, autumn leaves, raisin, oak and maple tree, caramel, milk chocolate, almond, and pecan too!
As you can see I haven’t named black because we, us, we aren’t that.

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This is what some of the feelings I get going to a school, being in a program that makes me the only African American person in my classes

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