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Shot at, choked, and hung

All of the above

Brought about the young

Spreading hate, instead of love


Spat on and discriminated

Mocked and shunned

Beat up and humiliated

Singled out and gunned


“I can’t breathe”

Were the words that barely escaped

Lying almost lifeless beneath

As it was all being videotaped


A chilly February night

Just a hoodie on his back

No weapons of destruction in sight

Still shot because he was black


Only 18 years old

Suspected of petty theft

Shot and murdered cold

His lively spirit left


They say it was suicide

Inside me, there is frustration

For I know it was homicide

All for a silly violation


You should be alarmed

As I mention a few of the 161 lives taken

Despite their being unarmed

Recognize the problem, please awaken!



Tell me why they clutch their bag

Or think blackface is comical

Or why they kept their racist flag

The list is astronomical



Discrimination in the work place

Getting fired for their hair

No job opportunities due to their race

Don’t try to tell me it’s fair


When they have to work twice as hard

For just for half the recognition

And still, people disregard

Following them in stores with suspicion


“I’m not racist” they allege

“I have a black friend”

This drives me straight to the edge

Their ignorance they try to defend



51 years later, here we stand

Discrimination is still very present

Even though 1964 was when it was banned

The day it all ends, I will be content


But racism doesn’t exist

According to some

Please continue, I insist

It just makes you look dumb


It’s time to face the truth

Stop living in your imagination

Let’s start to educate the youth

And create an equal nation

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I appreciate the opportunity! This poem was by no means written to convey a

feeling of empathy on behalf of African Americans because of course, I do not

know the extent of the stuggles they face daily, since I am not African American 

myself. However, I hope it spreads awareness and is meant to show my sympathy

to all the families going through similar situations. 


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