Tue, 12/26/2017 - 16:08 -- NokNo

Breath in
it hurts

Breath out
it hurts

Breath in
it hurts

Breath out
it hurts

In thru my mouth out through my nose

Tap my fingers together

Play with my ring or with a zipper or anything
I hear the ringing in my ears again

Don’t start biting hands
Everything is a blur again

hand still hurts like hell from last time
All I smell is rubber

Do anything to keep myself from zoning out again
All I taste is rubber

Don't let things go black
I can't keep faking

I don’t want to see my thoughts up close
Everything is black

I’m so scared

Please make it stop
I can't feel anything

I just want to be happy

I just want to feel alive

But I can't so


I really would like to die



But I'm scared to


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