Bleached White Paper Analog

Tue, 11/14/2017 - 18:39 -- eolon

The air, again is gray                                                      

And the people stand still                                            

But it’s hardly a day to remove                                 

Approaching a place filled with trees                      

Your house may be lonely                                           

Without you around                                                      

Might we take off the coat that you wear?           


Why do you visit us?                                                      

They all call through the house                                 

They eat up the life and all the light                         


Let us tell you a thing                                                    

You may still want to hear                                           

About you and your struggle to know                     

Approaching a place filled with trees                      

You only have caused it                                                

You didn’t invent                                                             

You were outside the whole of the time.              


Your exquisite shadow                                                 

Has always been near you                                           

And he talks in the same tone of voice                   


Your Shadow is nothing                                                

And your shadow knows you                                     

You have followed wherever he goes                     

Approaching a place filled with trees                      

This house you may visit                                               

But you may not stay                                                     

It’s reserved for the ones who convey                    


The phantom congruent                                              

But you the transparent                                                

It is he who decides how you go



©2017  eolon

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