Blood and Guts

Wed, 11/07/2018 - 12:53 -- Qtc123

The people above us dont hear our voice

They make all these decisions without giving us a choice

Shooting down all my brothers and sisters

Leaving us with pain as it stings like a blister


Can't even walk down the street because of who I am

Always having to question is it me versus them

All of our blood spills again and again

You just wanna kill them, but you know its a sin


They say this they say that

They say it will help, but is it really a fact

I can talk about trayvon, or emmitt, or michael brown

But all they will do is laugh , and continue to shoot us down


I'm no longer gonna keep quiet

Not trying to go and start a riot

But I'm no longer afraid to speak out

Not afraid to cry, get angry, or even shout


But as people of color we gotta come together as one

Because you will never know when your life will be done

God is the one man who comes through time after time 

As they kill more and more not charged of a crime


As before I feared death wondering if im on the hit list

Wondering is this the end or if I will ever give my mom a kiss

These people who so-called help us think we're nuts

But I'm not crazy to know they're only here to spill our blood and guts

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My country
Our world
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This poem is basically describing what goes down in society each and everyday, and it also is describing the experience of being a person of color in america.

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