Sun, 07/19/2015 - 13:16 -- Seana31

With the first turn I am reborn


Into a carrier of wars never-ending as I sit

And rock-a-bye to the things I’ve carried

In my o’ mind—


Now I see clearly the barren fields of the west

Tom and I continue to eat spoiled grapes

If I squint my sweaty eyes I can see—


A catch! But no one’s around,

Ah who cares? Where’s my bread?

A phony will always do ya wrong—


A girl that never wears red

And mayhew in her heart.

I’ve fallen! And it is now dark—


A clue, Nancy! What’s new?

I’ve only come close to the truth

And if I carefully lift the—


You might presume

The stories I’ve told where only to bemuse,

But on the contrary,

I’m constantly learning,

The most about myself and you. 

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