Bright Light Addiction

It's an addiction to have it in my hands,

listening to it blast all different kinds of bands.

Keeping in touch with the word by one click,

but it can be shattered on the floor with one flick.


All the social apps on repeat,

does anyone know who Ohio State beat?

Of course we do but not because of the television,

it's because of the impact of technology collision.


Fingers gliding over the keys,

instead of admiring the snow on the trees.

Bright lights shining in our face,

don't even realize how expired that pop tastes.


During holidays people are too hyped about taking pictures to post,

instead of watching how your aunt cooks that secret recipe for her roast.

Having to make sure everyone you're not around knows,

how fast your little one grows.


Time is secretly flying by,

but has anyone looked at that beautifully shaped cloud in the sky?

Technology isn't a game,

it's more of a shame.


Death sneaks around the corner each day,

but we don't look off our screen enough to see death's pathway.

Sharing everything through a cell phone,

instead of working hard for a degree to repay that loan.


Each generation is becoming worse,

is technology really helpful or is it just a curse?

Games, social media, and playlists are taking over our health,

but instead we should be motivated to get more wealth.


Instead of precious memories being made,

cell phones have became a barricade.

Life isn't the same anymore,

adventure has walked out the door.


It's an addiction to us all,

but maybe there's a chance to defeat the craving overall.

Get off the phone, turn off the television, and open your eyes to finally see,

the real special things in life actually come free.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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