Broken Circuit


United States

They say there's always a silver lining. Always a new day, That there's always a light waiting at the end of the tunnel. Well my lightHas burnt out. SizzledCrackledAnd flickered out.Like those sad faulty Christmas lights dangling off the tree.But there's no use trying to repair my light.I would continue to stumble around numbly in the pitch blackRather than get electrocuted trying to fix that damn light.And even if I felt that surge of electricity That jolt of adrenaline That spark of lightI wouldn't be able to fix that light. I am a broken circuit. And even the most talented electricianCouldn't rewire my brain correctly Because I have cut all the cords With blades of pure terrorAnd shards of broken trust That have scattered their way along  This hellish path called lifeI, am a broken circuit. My perception filterHas been compromised. Everything I seeHas turned to one color Everything I hear Has become the same white noiseEverything I touch Has become dull, and untextured, and flatAnd I have triedTo white balance this visionsound check my earsAnd recalibrate my fingertips But the wires in my brain are too out if place Too fried and too twisted By anxiety and depressionTo be bent back into shapeTo the way they're supposed to be. I am nothingBut a broken circuit.  

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