Broken Reality

Broken City

Broken Dreams

Broken Promises

What does this mean?

Can anyone remember?

Does anyone care?

The Battle is not over

Our freedom is still scarce

I know what you’re thinking

I know what you say

We won the election in 2008

Is that all it takes we win a race

And now you think he’s our saving grace

It takes more than a man

It takes me it takes you

Is there anyone out there?

If so do you know what to do?

Let’s fight for what’s ours

Let’s start it today

Equality, Freedom and the American Way

The will to be all we can be

The hope to do it all

Oh say can you see

They want us to fall

So stop crying Broken Cities

Stop crying Broken Dreams

Stop crying Broken Promises

You know what this means

It means take a stand

Fight for what you believe

Or one day you will wake up

With No Freedom

That’s Reality



This poem is about: 
Our world


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