Bullying Is Bad


Everyone has bullied someone at least on time in their life.

It is hard for victims to sleep at night.

Bullying has spread around the world.

The most victims are not boys they are girls. 

People can be very mean and show poor people their expensive pearls.

But bullying is very bad and nobody should have to go through it.

Bully's have ruined people's lives just admit.

More than 5 Million people have committed suicide because of it.

This poem is about: 
My community



I like how you brought out that girls get bullied more than boys adn how you told that peopel that dont have enough money to buy branded things adn they get made fun because of it.~Natalie O.


EmanuelRosas-I liked when you put that girls get bullied more then boys and who

they commit suicide


Josev- this poem means alot to people who have been bullyed 


marco jimenez:you did a great job erika.


jose cisneros you did a good job and good work 

makes poeple want to read it over again 


That was good and you are right we have to stop bullying. Alos no one should be into bullying. -Geraldine


You did a very good job!!!-Blanca


i really like your peom about people bulling-jessica


it gives more debate of how bullying is bad-victor


This peom is sad and just to know that meny died is sad-javier velasco