Butt Hurt

It seems you’re always butt hurt any more.

I didn’t mean to make you sore .

Never bothering to digest my words.

Emotional about the things you heard.


Butt hurt all the while , your wall cloaks my denial.

Dont even bother with a trial , it’s the longest mile.

Given up to you point of view , tried to start anew.

The thing is you’ve already picked out your crew.


Imma gonna give in and let it be. We were never meant to be.

Itsa definitely you ..... it won’t be lumped on me.... 

Girl take a while , I never jumped on the pile.  

Useless pain is not my style.


Thing is yiu never threw at my head. 

The other nonsense is not hard to shed.

Walk with grace and peace. 

It was never caught but you’ve been released.

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