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Never really felt like
I was needed around
I'd clown too much,
always frown and feel left out.
I begged for attention,
though never realized by most.
i tried to fit in,
but always gave up hope.
Outcast of my family,
never did anything right.
But I kept telling myself,
everything will be okay.
Just keep holding on.
I know it would hurt,
if I left with no return.
Life just isn't for me,
I'll let you guys keep on going.
My heart can't take it,
it's a never ending fight within.
I'm ready to let go now.
I just want it all to end/
Never pretty enough,
to catch the eye of the guys.
They all push me away,'
at times it makes me cry.
I can only hold,
so much inside.
Most times I feel,
it'd be better to lay out and die.
Just be sure to tell my brothers bye.
They'll just have to look up,
at the butterfly in the sky.

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