Butterfly Kisses

 Sitting on the bed in her embrace,

I can see the love all over her face.

Her light blue eyes shine like gems

Behind her thick, squared glasses lens,

Her mouth is in a beautiful smile;

The one I haven’t seen for a while.

She plays with and kisses my hair,

“I will never leave you, I swear.”

I say to her, her eyes fill with tears,

“Don’t worry Mommy, I’m right here.”

She pulls me closer, puts her head on mine,

I take off her glasses, she gets the sign.

We rub our noses together,

I laugh, it tickles like a little feather.

Then we start to blink our eyes

For the butterfly kisses, my mother cries.

“I love you,” She says, hugging me close,

“I love you,” I put her glasses back on her nose.


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My family
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