Caffeinated Analysis

The wind dominates the air

Biting my frigid cold nose

Trees dance with their colored leaves

The long path is curved and paved

The blue birds’ song becomes rare

I sit on a bench not froze

A girl holds her milky knees

A boy sits by as though pined


The pair of young lovers sit

across from me and mumble

My coffee is boiling

The newspaper that I view

bores. Eavesdropping I admit,

I dissect the strange couple

Their energy is controlling

He lips, Because I love You


I mull on his utterance

Because I love You,, the words

Bear power that holds a person

In a crunch. The guess I hold

On the couple is belligerence.

The boy grasps her arm and wards,

She revokes, the scene worsens,

I myself watch it unfold.


The world’s eye is focused to

Them. I am all enraptured.

They quibble at each other,

His gaunt hand holds her arm still.

He whines, Because I love You.

She is a bird bein’ captured.

Balanced against her lover

She runs to him as if ill.


Love is an attachment. She’s

Chained by manipulation,

Grasped by Because I love You,

Blinded by her love for love.

Love is not a foul disease,

But an absolute emotion.

It keeps one bounded by glue.

It is peaceful like a dove.


Love is complex, that is true,

One can make it simple though.

My cold coffee signals me

To leave the ‘lovebirds’ and carry

On. The words Because I love You,

Can be fatal, one must know

Love spurs rich naiveté

Love plants the seed of happy.


I stand up from my stiff chair

My thoughts follow me along with

His words, Because I love You.

The leaves once again catch me,

But the man shoots me stare

It cuts deep like a vile scythe

I don’t know love from their view.

From now on I shall drink tea.


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