On April 26th, 1990 God blessed the world with a newborn baby girl.

With the love and guidance of her parents, she would develop and bloom into a wise and graceful woman.

Little did she know of the journey that lay before her.

She would cross oceans, and see distant lands,

She would learn of many cultures, and how to swim and dance.

She would learn of loss and heartbreak, and happiness and gains,

Of hardwork and dedication,

Of following your dreams,

Of the beauty that our planet holds,

And all things in between

They would tell her as she grew that she was meant for great things,

But no one imagined just how great she would be.

She would excel in school and science, and learn to speak in tongues,

Languages of love, and medical jargon too.

Her passion for the latter obvious and true.

Yes! Destined for greatness they all knew,

And knew it from the start,

But to me the greatest thing she'd ever do is open up my heart.



This poem is about the woman whom I love. What she means to me, and the inspiration that she is not only in my life but to her family and friends. 

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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