Wed, 05/13/2015 - 08:29 -- Kayden
How does a heart beat?
Is yours slow?
While we laugh at 
the best moments
of our shared time. 
Why did you wait till
You were dying to 
finally find life? 
How does cancer crawl 
through congested lungs?
When there is barely room
for the air 
you attempt to inhale. 
Why do you smile so fondly
at me
when bile stings
your tongue?
I'll make you live
so fast that you
can't stand the the
euphoric state
you find yourself in.
It'll be better than 
Cancer doesn't give 
Preferentail treatment, but
Hospitals will.
So do foundations
who ignored your
I've watched you
wasted and frail,
tell jokes,
and flirt with nurses
who find your humor
and your charm
almost insufferable
You're not a patient
you're a Knight 
in shining armor
but the dragon is inside
breathing fire
breathing tar
breathing ash
'Till you can't breath
That takes my 
I prefer this
to when
you grinned at me
But your eyes
This poem is about: 
My family


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