Cancer Won't Win (It's an acrostic.)

Candles cast off their light,

And honor those who lost the fight.

Never forgotten, forever in our hearts;

Cancer can’t extinguish the spirits who depart.

Even though they may not be with us tonight,

Rembering them will help us create sparks and ignite


Ways to vanquish this cantankerous disease, to

Obstruct this assassian from seizing

Nephews, sisters, mothers, and brothers. It’s

Time for cancer to be smothered tonight.


Why should we let it get us down?

It won’t happen, not in this town!

No, cancer just won’t win.



Mafi Grey

Great way to support the victims of cancer. You should check the one I did for them.

Child of the One True King

thanks! I commented on your poem btw. It's good:)

Mafi Grey

I have faith and hope that he will and that he has to make it. We can't lose another to cancer, I wouldn't let it happen. Cancer is one of the many things that makes me sick about the world today. I'm tired of seeing good people die for no reason. It needs to stop and I hope your uncle will make that step like some many have before him and after him. Good luck to you. If you want you can check my other work out if you like.

Child of the One True King


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