There is a moment when time stands still.

The earth stops rotating, and there’s no need to


In the magic of this moment we discover

What frees us from the place where we are



Inspiration is embedded in everything.

Like computer code, we don’t always understand it.

We aren’t always aware of it.

It’s not something you can see

Or taste

Or touch

Or even really describe.

But it’s there

As surely as the sun is still there when day turns to night.


I find my inspiration in people.

I can read their expressions, and every subtle change tells a story.

How their eyes brighten,

How their heads tilt,

How they breathe.

Even the barely visible lines on their foreheads

Are like printed words

Weaving a tale that encompasses their lives.

You don’t need a high Lexile score to read it.

You just need to be perceptive.


Music drifts from an empty classroom.

The buses will be here soon, but my curiosity wins.

She doesn’t know that I’m watching.


I pull out my Canon EOS-1D

A somewhat expensive luxury, but very worthwhile

The newest generation has over 16 million pixels

To capture

Every detail


I take a series of rapid shots

Close enough together to reveal the motion

Behind every twirl and leap.

She hesitates,

Seemingly puzzled

Then glances at the clock



Lost in the moment, she’s overstayed her welcome,

And must race to catch her ride

Before it deserts her.

Maybe I was an actress in a former life

I know when it’s my cue to leave.


I tuck my precious diamond

Back into my backpack, but

I won’t miss it for long.


Time waits for no one

Today I walk home.


That’s fine by me

I have the promise of my camera

A flower waiting to bloom in all its brilliance.


Over one wire

Her story travels

Over one thin wire

The images journey from my camera

One by one

They appear.

Each moment



This is the moment when time stands still.

My moment.

As I paint the image an array of colors

The dance of the girl

Becomes artwork



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