Caramel Delight

It’s not everyday that I wake up and see someone as beautiful as you.

A gorgeous Caramel princess with Zero flaws.

With an intelligence that radiates from the inside out

And a figure that brings A king down to his knees.

You’re God’s own personal choice in perfection.

The flowers of the ground and the butterflies of the air envy you in admiration!

You give life to the lifeless

You give color to the colorless

And you give,

Sexy the S, Beautiful the B, And Carmel the C

Damn girl!

Am I wrong to wish it was just you and me?

Forever and ever and ever?

What Prince wouldn’t want that perfect Princess?

What King wouldn’t want that perfect Queen?

What God wouldn’t want that perfect Goddess

You are my Black Beauty.

My everything!  

My hopes My dreams

My needs MY wants

My Everything

It’s not everyday That I wake up

And see someone as delicious as you.