Cardboard Queen

On her face she wore a smile,

Battered heart out of sight

Masks hid her from society,

Holding her up they watched her fall from the height.


Drawn in by her words,

They wanted her to stay.

Yet she knew that if she held on,

They would soon fade away.


Bracelets of blood adorned her wrists,

Glistening like garnet.

Her eyes lackluster,

They face the succubus's incarnate.  


Her dreams were her tormentors,

Of what would never be.

Dreams of the one who once loved her,

From her torture she'd never be free.


She walked with pristine,

Slippers lined with shards of glass.

Refusing the feasts offered,

And the refreshments bartered in cups of brass.


Her lips lined with poison,

A smile so deadly.

Yet the people are naive,

They never see the heart that bleeds redly.


Upon her head a crown of thorns and barbed wire,

Never was there someone with eyes so mean.

On dead roses and corpses she sits,

A throne for a cardboard queen.



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