A life so precious, small and frail,   

It can’t be bought, it is not for sale.

She opens her eyes to stare into yours,

Your heart starts to sing, grows wings and then soars.

You brought him into this world, be proud,

As a mother, you have to protect him, you vowed.

You broke that promise, and let him pass,

Took a work of art and obliterated it like shattered glass.

Your sorrows will linger for what you have done,

You will quite soon feel the pressure of a ton.

This grief will push you down to your knees,

You will be knocked off balance by even the slightest breeze.

You will be a shell of a human... knowing you were not there,

Now everyone points fingers saying you didn’t care,

This will be the peak pain you ever bear.


Curious, adventurous Charlie Dunn,

Wished to play with his sister in the sun.

Splashed in the water, partook in summer fun.

Screaming and chasing as each would run.

Jump, curl your legs, feel the water rise,

His body wasn’t ready for the encompassing surprise,

At the bottom of the pool his body lies.

A moment of infinity, sitting there enclosed,

His body buried as the water superimposed.

Five years of life wiped out by the water,

The sound of the ambulance brought her.

She had not two, not one watchful eye,

What was more important than her child's cry?


She has another on the way,

She is paralyzed in fear of that day.

She will never leave this one alone to play,

Fear take hold in a controlling type of way.

Never wanting history to repeat itself, because it may.

When this child is born, it will be taken,

The faith of the mother be forever shaken.

The child will almost, not quite be *forsaken.

Let the unity of sister and sibling be awaken.


One does not play with the importance of a life,

Mistrust with this will only lead to strife.

Torment in mothers mind with herself,

She has forever lost one of her skelf,

A trouble, fool, not fit to be raising,

The anger of her children, forever blazing.


Take heed, listen closer, do not let this be you,

Take caution, when choosing what you will do.

 -Jessica McConnell

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